If  we set our expectations higher than usual for ourselves we can accomplish tremendous amounts, and this will lead to a feeling of success. Setting our expectations higher to go above and beyond where we “should” or “could” be, makes the difference for those who feel just okay and those who feel truly successful.

If the expectations we have for others are high and approached positively, others will feel as though they are respected enough to meet those expectations as well.

Take for example, a work situation. You are starting a new job and you may feel uncertain that you can be effective. If your employer has set high expectations for you and approaches those with positivity and confidence in your abilities you will feel like, daaannng they must really respect me and think that I am worthy of meeting these expectations. Example: "I expect you to complete x,y and z, and you will because you have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to complete these tasks. On the other hand, when the expectation is high and approached negatively, a great sense of failure can come from this. With our work example, your employer has high expectations for you, but presents them in a negative way: "I expect you to complete x,y and z, but you probably won't because you don't know what you're doing." It is easier to lose motivation and give up if the expectations set for you are high yet presented in a negative manner.

Motivation to meet these high expectations may come from goals that you have to reach proficiencies in your job or other aspects of life.


When approached in a positive and encouraging way, raising expectations can create opportunities for learning and in-turn, they can create opportunities for success.

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