Quick Tools for Educators


Using these tools can help to build the relationships that you have with your students, or even help you to develop new relationships.


Students want to know that you are happy to see them. They want to feel as if being with you is a safe place for them to learn and grow. They want to know that you are a person, that you make mistakes and that it is okay to ask you for help.


Our students, though some may be easier to build relationships with than others, they all deserve to have someone there to listen to them. Ask them how they are doing and really hear what they have to say. We all want to be heard and want to feel respected by those who we interact with everyday. Why would it be different for our students? They are people too ya know! :)


Give these tips a try, they really won't take too much time. You don't need to try all of the tips at once you can spread them out. Another thing to note is that some students may respond to these techniques differently. So it may be that check-ins work for some kids and high fives might work better for others. 


The great thing is that if we can find those little squeaks of time to foster our relationships with students, we will find less behavior issues and more of a harmonious classroom. 


You show students how to build relationships, and they will learn how to interact with each other in more positive and meaningful ways with your example.

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