What are you thankful for?

This is huge! This question will really help you to narrow down what it is that you are appreciate in your life. It could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be an idea or concept. If you take a moment to stop and truly reflect on what you are thankful for, it can help you to focus your day.


Here is an easy activity that will get you closer to understanding what makes you, you!


Write down what you are thankful for! Some of use will come up with 10+ things we are thankful for. While for some of us it may be hard to come up with 2 things.... Right now you need to think of 5.


5 things that you are thankful for, right now in your life. If you have more than that, narrow it down to the top 5. If you can only think of 2 stretch your brain and find 5.


Write them down.


The reason to actually write them down is that it makes you think about the words you want to use and then you actually see those words with your eyes. It makes a difference in what you will choose when you have to write it out.


Examine your list. Are these no-brainers? Are they surprising to you?


Write down what you think about your list.



Are these 5 things you are proud to be thankful for?

Do you wish you could add something to your list, that just isn't there right now? 



We have truly lost the art of self-reflection and really giving ourselves the chance to think about what we want and why. We get stuck in just doing things because it's how we have always done it, or it's what we know to do.


If you aren't happy, and if you aren't feeling fulfilled or thankful for certain things you wish you could be, then it is so important to take time to understand what it is, why it is, and how to change it!


After you have it all down, and you have examined and reread and reflected on the how and why, then it is time to take action!


5 things you are thankful for and 5 weeks. If any of those 5 things is a person, another human, a relationship that you have with someone, let them know that you are thankful for them.


Straight up tell them.



You are to find a person, who you are thankful for and tell them that they are appreciated, and tell them why. It is so priceless to see the look on their face, as well as the feelings that not only they will have, but you will feel too!


If your entire list is people, great! Write them a note, give them a card, one person per week for 5 weeks, let them know what they mean to you!


For the rest of your list, if it does not include a person, then your challenge is to acknowledge what it is you are thankful for and make a statement about it.


One statement per week.


Hang a picture up on your wall, to remind you everyday of that thing you are thankful for.

Make a post or add a picture to your social media, as a statement to your friends that this thing in this picture, is something that you are thankful for!

Share this information with others around you.

Ask them what they are thankful for and tell them about what you are thankful for!


Make sure you are making these statements with one thing you are thankful for, per week for 5 weeks.


Having these reminders of what you are thankful for, whether visual or if you are having conversations with people, will help you to focus in on what is truly important. It will improve your mood and keep you growing to reach your #selfgoals!


In a little over a month, you will soon start to notice a change in your life just from intentionally being thankful!



Let me know how this is working for you,


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