Summer Hacks


As we are welcoming this beautiful season of summer we are also welcoming some need for strategies to stay cool and have fun! 


Here is a list summer hacks to help you out: 


Stay Cool - Mentally


1. Have a plan - Make a list, check it twice, then schedule your summer events. Whether you are planning a vacation, or an event, or even a backyard BBQ, having a list helps keep you organized.

2. Ask for help - Not always easy, definitely okay, and in most cases, very necessary!

3. Breathe - Stop. Give yourself a moment, take a deep breath, relax, and have fun!

4. For dealing with difficult family members -  summer reunions are when we see them… let them know you are thankful for them! It's amazing what kind words can do for some of the crankiest cranks...    

                  "Sometimes those who are the hardest to love, need it the most!"

5. Be able to let it go - It is summer, give yourself a chance to relax, you work hard and you deserve a break! 


Stay Cool - Physically

  • This has to be the coolest… literally….                                                                                          It's like a kiddie pool, for grownups:  


of course you'll need this for the blending



Have fun


  • Go for a run or a hike
  • Go for a swim
  • Try a new game: 

          yes! yes! yes!      






  • Stay indoors a have a binge-a-thon! #OITNB 


Whatever your plans are this summer make sure you stay cool, and have fun! 


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