Why Wait?

Why good things don’t always come to those who wait. 



Not everything that we want will just be handed to us right away, without some lag time, and we can’t necessarily wish things into existence, or can we?


Okay so maybe it isn't as easy as wishing and poof there it is, we need to add one more magic element and that is……. WERK!   


While I am all for waiting and being patient, patience is one of my best qualities… working with over 300 children, ages 5-12, their parents, and their teachers will do that to you… but when it comes to making change in our personal lives, well, we really don't have time to wait. 


I disagree with the saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” mostly because the idea can be misconstrued, creating a belief system that keeps us stagnant in life. 



Sometimes, yes, you do have to wait for the good things, but while you are waiting there needs to be a fair amount of effort put in place as well. 


I like to break down words and their meanings to try and get a better understanding of why we internalize things the way we do. We definitely underestimate the power of words. We use words to develop our thoughts and we use our thoughts to develop our feelings, then we use our feelings to determine our actions. Sometimes all we need, is to redefine certain words or phrases so that when we decide to use them in our thoughts, we are internalizing them in such a way that they are actually beneficial rather than hurtful to our lives. 


So here let’s look at the word waiting…  


The definition of waiting:


~The action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens~



With this definition engrained in our brains we not allowing ourselves to be proactive and to make things happen. 

Why is it that we wait for something to happen before we decide to make a change? 


Whether that something is waiting for the weekend to be happy, or waiting for Monday to start something new, other events that spark change are sometimes more significant such as losses, loss of job, loss of marriage, loss of loved ones.


When events like these happen we feel obligated to make a change. We feel as if these moments are our ‘sign’ that something needs to be different…. but why cant we start now?


Why are we still waiting? Why do we need something to wait for before we make a difference?


Is it an excuse? Are we procrastinating? (I definitely put the pro in procrastination), but what is it that keeps us in this motionless place?


What happens if we stop waiting for shit to happen and we just go for it?


Is it fear that we may fail…? 


If we wait for the perfect opportunity or event to happen to us, then we may feel that we will have a “reason” to accomplish our goal.


Otherwise, if we just start now, and don't get the outcome that we were expecting, we feel like we failed, which to some of us, failure feels worse then being stuck.


Dudes, here’s something else we have got to redefine in our brains!  





How do you ever get better at anything without failing?

We all have some skills that we are naturally better at than others, but honestly how many things did you totally suck at before you were awesome at it?


 And if it was something you truly wanted, you wouldn't quit until you got it right! 


Now let’s think about a big picture concept here….. 







Here’s some truth juice y’all…. 


If you are unhappy, change it.




We are all a part of this world for a limited time, so you can continue to wait for something to happen in that time, or you can be brave and do what it is you need to do to make your time here exactly what you want it to be! 

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Your goals are waiting…


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