We all know the importance of building positive relationships, let me show you how! 

Relationship Goals offers personalized and interactive, courses and resources that guide you to finding your happiness.


You will drive these programs and it is completely based on the relationships you want to foster, the goals you want to achieve, in order to own your happiness in life!




I am Natasha Harris, and I have created Relationship Goals as the answer to my question of how to help others live happy and fulfilling lives!


I am passionate about helping, and truly believe that relationships are the bindings of life! I am a board certified counselor with a Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Services, and I enjoy teaching, learning, and growing with others!  


I believe in the power that is created in the relationships you have with others, and in the relationship that you have with yourself! 


As a counselor, wife, entrepreneur, daughter, and sister, I have learned that relationships aren't always taken as seriously as they should be. For me, Relationship Goals is that missing piece to learn how to build, develop, maintain, and in some cases, end relationships.


This website and the resources found here, should not be used to replace counseling or mental healthcare services. This is meant to support individuals who are interested in learning more about goal setting for the purposes of relationship development. 


I am realistic in that I know, if someone is not ready for a change, it cannot be forced upon them. I am in the business of helping, and I encourage anyone who is truly ready for a change, to stick around for a bit! 


Through Relationship Goals, I hope to create a relationship with you, and help you to own your happiness!


Your Relationships. Your Goals. Your Life. 

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