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In this 4-module course, you will receive all of the information it takes to become your own accountability partner!


You will receive video lessons and downloadable guides that will inspire and enable you to take charge of your life, through goal setting! 


The course is self-paced and will teach you skills that will last way beyond the time you are in the course! Be the goal slaying hero of your own story! 


Your goals are waiting... 






This beautiful, full color journal has 30 self-reflection prompts to help you reflect on your experiences and grow from what you learn about yourself.






Bullet planners are essential for those who like to stay organized, and be concise, all while getting stuff done! 

This printable bullet planner, is a one time purchase, but has a lifetime use. It has a yearly overview to plan the main holidays and events that you will be involved in for the year. The monthly page can be printed out and organized to match the month of the year you are planning for. The weekly page keeps you on track and set with your to dos, to gets, and to dones! 

The bullet planner finishes up with a pixel journal where you can keep track of your daily moods and feelings for the year, and reflect back on a colorful, pixelated, design by year end.




Self-care essentials: