Self-E-Goals E-BOOK (Pre-order only)

Self-E-Goals is not a book to learn about selfie taking skills, it is a book to learn about using your time and effort to grow your self-skills. Knowing and loving yourself, opens the door to giving and receiving love, to and from others. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER TODAY


Personal Development Membership

This membership is focused toward individuals who are looking to move forward in their lives. People who are tired of settling and who are ready to make major changes in life. With this membership you will receive: monthly videos and guides to help you with goal setting and habit forming. You will receive tips and strategies to increase your confidence and creativity. You will have access to an exclusive community who understands what you are going through, and who can help hold you accountable. You will receive weekly checkins and motivations to keep you going toward your goals! You will also receive discounts on courses and other Relationship Goals items. You can cancel at anytime and there are no cancellation fees 


Teacher and Educator Membership

This membership is focused toward teachers, school counselors, administrators, and other educators to help develop, and grow your relationships with students. The membership includes: Monthly themes, videos, webinars, weekly lessons and activities, tips and strategies for building relationships with students as well strategies for students to develop better relationships. The membership also includes discounts on courses as well as access to an exclusive online community. You can cancel at any time and there are no cancelation fees.


Business Relationships Membership

This membership is focused toward businesses that need support in creating an environment of happy and hardworking employees. The membership includes; monthly themes, webinars, videos, weekly activities for meetings, tips and strategies for leadership development, team building, discounts on courses, and access to an exclusive online community. You can cancel at any time and there are no cancellation fees. 


Personal Course (Coming Soon)

Personal Course 

8 module course in the area of personal development. Finding happiness starting within. The course covers topics including self-awareness, personal relationship development, environmental joy, career, health, and overall happiness.  


Professional Course (Coming Soon)

Professional Course

Improve your relationships in the workplace. Whether you are dealing with clients, students, employees, or coworkers there is a course that will meet your needs. With the professional course, you will receive a 12 module course to improve relationship areas of your business. Select education or business below.